Wato Sita

wato sita

“For lovers of world cooking and new flavors”

Meet music and exotic flavors to delight lovers of world.
Cooking and new flavors.This place young and decidedly Latin, includes 3 spaces to visit depending on the hours and desires: firstly a bar to chat and enjoy the mojitos, a rum distillery and where more than 50 different rums are to be enjoyed, and finally a Restaurant. The menu, several plates to chooses: you can fall for the original teranga (Green Mango Salad, Guinea fowl yassa, chiffon sweet and fragrant rice) or prefer the marine flavor of the 3 islets (Accra cod, vegetables Colombo, swordfish steak).

More info on facebook page.

Situé au 8 rue des Piliers de Tutelle à Bordeaux.

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