Stéphane TOURNIE’s menu

Menu of Stéphane TOURNIE

Thursday June 18th, special Locavore with la Ferme de Tauziet

Discovery of south west appellations


Water of Maison Badoit Evian prestige range


Bread of Les pains d’Alfredo


Aperitif glass of Thiénot champagne


Appetizer with Sturia caviar



Pressed foie gras from La ferme de Tauziet and smoked eel on beetroot jelly and currants

Aop Pacherenc du Vilh Sec «  Odé Aydie » 2011 (Magnum) Family LAPLACE

Aop Marcillac « Les Rougiers » 2010 Family TEULIER



Pigeon from La ferme de Tauziet in two cooking, slightly spicy peanut sauce

Aop Fronton « Cuvée Don Quichotte » 2012 Family RIBES

Aop Madiran « Château Aydie » 2010 Family LAPLACE



Offered by Maison Jean d’Alos

1st selection : Bonde de Gatine (goat) – lactic dough

2nd selection : Tomette de brebis (sheep) – hard dough

Aop Bergerac Sec « Moulin des Dames » 2010 (Magnum) Family DE CONTI



Dark chocolate pie and kalamansi, ginger ice cream

VDN   « MAYDIE » 2009 (Magnum) Family LAPLACE


Coffee served with chocolates offered by Maison Cadiot Badie accompanied with a drop of Evian.


Menus and wines are indicatives and can be modified according to the availability of the products and the will of the chefs. In case of withdrawal of a chef he will be replaced by an equivalent chef.

The VIP of les Etoiles is restricted mainly to customers of temporary restaurant. This space welcomes you every evening before and after your meals at the Etoiles d’Epicure. A moment of relaxation and gluttony.

Die arbeit ist jetzt zwar nicht weniger, aber pltzlich berschaubar.