Patrick JEFFROY’s menu

 Menu of Patrick JEFFROY

Friday June 12nd

In association with Grand Crus Classés in 1885


Water of Maison Badoit Evian prestige range


Apperitif glass of Brut Thiénot champagne


Appetizer with Sturia caviar



Blue lobster and foie gras terrine, smoked eel, parsnip cream and frothy

150417 photo entrée - jeffroy



See bass of Carantec, potato candy, herb butter

150417 photo plat - jeffroy



Offered by Maison Jean d’Alos

Terrine of Roquefort, bread cocoa and mesclun



Creamy ganache, bergamot mascarpone, Plougastel strawberry and lemon yogurt ice cream

150417 photo dessert - jeffroy


Coffeemoka sidamo (ethiopie)” served with chocolates offered by Maison Cadiot Badie accompanied with a drop of Evian


Menus and wines are indicatives and can be modified according to the availability of the products and the will of the chefs. In case of withdrawal of a chef he will be replaced by an equivalent chef.

You will have the opportunity to by the book ” Grands Crus Classés” of the Editions Glénat, it may be autographed by the authors at the end of the dinner.

– Preferential price of Etoiles d’Epicure : 30,84€
– Normal price : 49,90€
The VIP of les Etoiles is restricted mainly to customers of temporary restaurant. This space welcomes you every evening before and after your meals at the Etoiles d’Epicure. A moment of relaxation and gluttony.

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