The brasserie bordelaise

brasserie Bordelaise
“In our region, we value first eating as a pleasure”
If happiness is on the plate, it also comes from sharing moments and friendship, a long-lasting secret of us.
At the Brasserie Bordelaise, everything starts at the counter. Before sitting for lunch, we go there for the aperitif, an occasion to have a talk around a glass of wine, to snack radishes, carrots, pâtés and cooked meats, and why not, put the world to rights…
The Brasserie Bordelaise has this counter spirit: we eat among friends, and meals have a country accent. We have a simple idea, in tune with its time: the strong comeback of local produces and the revival of the regional food pantry.

Brasserie Bordelaise :
50 rue Saint-rémi


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